4 Important Imaging Tests for your Health

In our younger years, we may experience a few minor injuries such as sprains or breaks of bones. That seems like it was an ordeal itself when you are a kid. Now, we can look back on those days and laugh. Many would like to be that healthy again. Presently, we are older, and many of us need medical tests to make sure we are healthy or to help doctors get us back to health if we are sick.

medical digital imaging

Not all imaging tests are the same. Each one has specific purposes and some are not suitable for certain patients.

Proper Imaging Tests

·    X-Ray imaging- This is perhaps the oldest, most well-known type of imaging offered. A good medical digital imaging clinic will generally work with low-dose x-ray imaging or a non-radioactive technique.

·    Ultrasound- This is the type of test which uses sound waves to create an image. Most commonly, it is used to see infants in the womb, but it is also used as safe imaging for a variety of organs, arteries, and veins.

·    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)- This is a very-low radiation, electromagnetic imaging technology that is purely invasive and can be offered in a broad field for those who don’t do well in tight spaces. This is the most common imaging used for exact detail in the body. It can be used to detect many physical diseases.

·    CT scans- These scans take thousands of quick areas on the part of the body scanned. It is different than an MRI in the sense that the CT scanner uses x-rays and may show some manifestations clearer than an MRI.

If you need to schedule an appointment for imaging tests, schedule with a reliable clinic in your area. Look for the most advanced facilities you can find for the best image diagnostics.