When Last Did You Visit The Dentist?

If you are one of those blessed with a good mother in law, you might have been asked this question before. The chances are very good that she could have asked you this if you were a heavy smoker. You are forgiven for thinking that she is extremely concerned over the welfare of her only child. That is probably quite true. But do not for a moment think that she is not as concerned about your own health. Because that is what future good grandmothers do.

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They worry incessantly about their kids’ health and, of course, it would mean the world to them if you could do everything within your willpower to ensure that their future grandkids are healthy too. Once she has seen what you look like, for appearance’s sake, she is going to asking one of the inevitable many questions, one of them being; when last were you at the dentist. She has to ask you this one in consideration of the fact that you are a regular chain smoker.

Do not underestimate the mother in law. She knows these things. Apart from the obvious damage to your lungs and health, the damage done to the teeth through smoking is obnoxious to say the least. But there is nothing that the dentist Columbus practice cannot undo. He, the qualified dental technologist, will take good care of your teeth whitening requirements. She, the registered state dental practitioner, will be able to address all your long overdue oral health requirements.

And perhaps after this first and long overdue visit to the dentist you would have got the message that it really is time you consider giving up that nasty habit of yours. Really, if your dentist doesn’t tell you this, you can be sure that your mother in law will.